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jvm 회사전경

41 years’ experience of JVM with customers is a living history in pharmacy automation in Korea.
Starting from a manual tablet packaging machine in 1977, JVM has achieved a true automation throughout the whole process of prescription and administration in hospitals and pharmacies around the world. JVM is committed to becoming the innovation-seeking world leader.

The company has also been running open-book management through strategic partnerships with many world-leading companies.
JVM has created a global network with other world-leading companies based on its open management and co-existence philosophy and seized No. 1 position in the pharmacy automation market. Currently JVM is exporting its solutions to 33 countries around the world.

JVM holds the accumulated expertise proven by over 490 domestic and international intellectual property rights.
JVM has a number of domestic/international intellectual property rights and continues to gain patents with innovative technology and ideas to lead the international pharmacy automation market.

JVM pursues co-prosperity based on sharing.
As our commitment to social responsibility, JVM shares warmth with neighbors in the world with diverse rehabilitation projects and contributions to those in need to raise hope for better future and for the sustainable development. Also, the company pursues co-prosperity by maintaining relationships of trust with shareholders and business partners.

JVM always challenges the world to create better future with customers.
JVM is committed to providing the leading technology of the time and transforming your imagination into reality. With our unparalleled expertise and skills gained from leading the world market, JVM is devoted to seeking innovations to be recognized as the most loved and trusted company in pharmacy automation industry.